20 / 07 / 2018

Smart contract audited


The Gigzi project launch is rapidly approaching!

As the release of the project draws near, we have included a round of security audits and updates as part of our testing. Why is this an important part of our process? We take the security of our investors extremely seriously. To ensure this important aspect of our project, we have submitted the Gigzi Smart Contract for a security audit conducted by the Ethereum Community in hopes of revealing any possible flaw or bug in the code we may have missed. Our goal is to make sure that wealth is protected and every localised exchange is executed in the most secure method possible. Without needing to worry about the security of their accounts and transactions, our users will be able to focus on their investments and the rewards they will gain every 90 days.

The source code for the Gigzi Smart Contract has been made available on GitHub and we are excited to say the project is now open source. This essentially means that the code has been opened up to a more collaborative environment. Now, the code can be viewed, shared, and modified by users within the community under the guidelines and limitations of the licensing agreement. Making this project open source allows us to gather feedback and collaborate with the community to make sure that the Gigzi Smart Contract remains secure. We are excited by the idea of working with the community to grow this project through a diverse set of ideas and perspectives.

Following an extensive review conducted by several reputable experts in the field, our team has made a series of updates taking into account each recommendation and implementing necessary changes. Now, we are proud to announce that the Gigzi project is production-ready! Users will now be able to invest and exchange on a secure platform with the option of securely storing their wealth through the backing of valuable metals from a reputable mint. All the while, our team will be reviewing and updating the project to make sure that every exchange is secure and that the platform is running efficiently. We look forward to watching our project grow, and watching the community grow along with it. We also look forward to serving the needs of our investors in a secure, effective way for years to come, and are excited to be a part of the future of blockchain technology.