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Who we are

Gigzi is a London-based fintech start-up that was founded in 2016 with the idea of developing a comprehensive and decentralized financial system that puts the control of wealth into the user’s hands. Our platform is now in advanced stages of development thanks to a team of talented engineers, product development, and project management experts who have been working together for over a decade in the financial technology sector.

Gigzi’s commitment to creating a cutting-edge financial system has been validated by its partnership with IriTech, a leading provider of biometric security whose iris recognition technology is used by millions worldwide, including government agencies. This exclusive partnership will allow users to access the wealth stored on the blockchain using their irides in a secure way.

Our priority: Solving the problem

Market intelligence reports suggest that Blockchain could save the financial services sector billions of dollars by eliminating the inefficiencies in the current processes and technologies. In fact, financial services will be one of the reasons why the global Blockchain technology market will grow at an annual pace of nearly 59% through 2023, hitting a size of almost $10.6 billion. But the massive volatility of digital currencies and concerns about the security of cryptocurrency exchanges are proving to be obstacles in the way of mainstream adoption of Blockchain technology.

Blockchain in the fintech sector will take off only if investors are comfortable dealing with digital currencies, and this is what Gigzi aims to fix with its comprehensive and secure system. Gigzi uses distributed ledger technology to create a decentralized global currency that is regulated by Smart Contract, allowing users to trade crypto assets such as Gigzi Black and Gigzi Metal with security and convenience, and protect their wealth in the safer confines of precious metals.

Pioneering decentralized wealth management

Gigzi is now barely months away from delivering full functionality to users. Through our Wallet, Exchange, and Treasury applications, users will be able to hold assets, manage investments, and buy goods or services using a secure, transparent, and decentralized financial system to exercise greater control over their wealth.